IoT Core Rolls out "IoT Cloud Booster"
Get permissions to manage Tuya-enabled industry devices and quickly build a multi-platform application system in IoT industry scenarios
Cloud Control
Connect devices to the cloud by means such as network modules, TuyaOS Link SDK, and edge gateways , and implement device management and control with ease.
Stable Performance
Provide a 99.9% availability and auto-scaling to support several hundred million devices and handle tens of billions of requests daily.
Data Security
Tuya deploys localized data centers globally, enabling connectivity to the nearest available data center for IoT devices. Data compliance is fully guaranteed.
Security Compliance
Implement strict security measures such as device certificates and one-key-per-device authentication. The TLS protocol creates secure data transmission channels.
What‘s IoT Core
Build open source IoT basic capabilities and industry components on top of the cloud development. Device management, AI scenarios, data analytics, and more features are ready to boost your IoT development.
API Services
Data Analytics
Video Cloud Storage
Influence of Tuya IoT PaaS
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Preferential Activities Help Customers Succeed in Business
Customer Succeed Stories
Okura was founded in 1962, centered on the basic concept of “living,” it operates in fields including building construction, apartments, new area development, and real estate renovation in Japan. With a special focus on the perennial snowy environment in Hokkaido, Okura launched the graphene floor heating and snow-melting system. Through Tuya’s Cloud Development Platform, Okura can call the open API of temperature controller and AI intelligent camera to connect with the original floor heating system to realize scene linkage and automatic heating as well as other functions.
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Tuya IoT PaaS 2.0: Help Brands Quickly Close Business Loops
Nearly 100 APIs and App SDKs Help differentiate proprietary capabilities of brands
Energy Management
Smart Home
Environmental Monitoring
Self-Service Shared Device Management